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There are many resources available to guide you toward degree completion. Follow the recommended path below for all of your LTWR advising needs. 

Be Prepared with Self Advising:

Use these forms and guides as a starting point for learning about what's required and available. Try to be as specific as possible when forming your questions. 


Contact Undergraduate Advising: 

For general advising, including university/graduation requirements and General Education advising, please schedule a time to meet with a staff advisor in the Office of Academic Advising:

When you get close to graduation, make sure to schedule a special appointment with the College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences Advisor Benita G. Flores to make sure you have met all university requirements for graduation. Her office is in Craven Hall 1300-C. Graduating seniors should do this no later than in fall semester for a spring graduation.



Meet with a LTWR Advisor:

Advising responsibilities are distributed among tenure-track faculty in the department, see below to determine your advisor. Please email or stop by your faculty advisor's office hours to request an appointment. 

LTWR Major:

Undergraduate LTWR majors should seek advising according to the first initial of their last name. When you meet with your advisor you can, make sure you're meeting all LTWR major requirements, ask questions about course offerings for the upcoming term, talk about what you want to do once you graduate, and discuss how you're going to get there. Your LTWR Faculty Advisor can only answer questions about LTWR classes, not graduation requirements more broadly.

A-F: Professor Wallace 750-8077 (MH 126M)
G-L:  Professor Yuan  750-4081 (MH 133) 
M-R:  Professor Doller 750-8569 (MH 126J)
S-Z:  Professor Stoddard Holmes 750-8064 (MH 126G)

Special Advising:

For other questions that are more specialized about the LTWR curriculum that go beyond routine advising see the appropriate Faculty Advisor as detailed below. If you have specific requests, such wishing to have a different LTWR class count towards a BA requirement, you must contact the department chair for special advising.

Advising Type: For Help With: Faculty Advisor:
LTWR Minor
  • Adding the LTWR Minor
  • Fulfilling LTWR Minor requirements
Professor Moukhlis 750-8081 (MH 126K)
Creative Writing
  • M.F.A. Programs (research, application process)
  • M.A. vs M.F.A. considerations (or Ph.D. for grads)
  • Journals to submit work to
  • LTWR department Creative Writing courses
  • Community involvement (LTWR Club, etc.)
  • Suggestions of authors based on student interest
Professor Levato 750-8207 (MH 250)
Liberal Studies/Pre-Teaching Students
  •  Teacher certification process
  • Required exams for certification
  • Education courses required for certification prep
  • Courses to prepare for High School teaching
  • High School vs. College-level teaching
Professor Breuer 750-8570 (MH 132)
Special Advising
  • Course substitution requests for the LTWR B.A.
  • Petitions and special considerations for the LTWR B.A. 
  • Approval for all internship requests
Professor Lush 750-8004 (MH 126L)