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Post-Baccalaureate Options for Undergrads

500 level classes are available, by permission number, to advanced undergraduate students. If interested please contact the instructor specified below, pay attention to any prerequisites and be prepared for more in-depth coursework. These classes are a great opportunity for students considering graduate school. 

Spring 2021

LTWR 502-6: Life Plots in the Nineteenth Century Novel

Advanced study of the works of Jane Austen.  In this course you will read the six major novels, plus some of the teenage writings, and biography. Reading and discussion will be informed and provoked by selected works of literary-critical scholarship. In Spring 2021, this course will meet Thursdays from 6:00-7:50pm. 

Prerequisites for undergraduates: Consent of instructor required. 

Satisfies: Literature Studies or Elective distribution requirements for the major

Contact Dr. Stoddard Holmes for a permission number!