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Natasha Tryon

Natasha Tryon

US Marketing Manager


Class of 2011

Brief description of role/ job duties: Develop US marketing strategy, manage all US events (conference participation & attendance, networking receptions, webinars), coordinate national event sponsorships, manage existing partnerships & identify new partnership opportunities, and modify international marketing materials to speak to US audience.

Favorite thing about your job: I really love the fact that my company is global in every aspect. We are headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, and I am one of four US employees. We have more than 200 additional colleagues around the world. In addition to me (the Marketing Manager), I work closely with the US Head of Sales, an East Coast Sales Director, and a US Operations Director. I work regularly with our Marketing Managers in Paris & Bangkok - and I report to the Marketing Director in Brussels! We utilize Slack, so on a daily basis I'm chatting with colleagues all over the world; India, South Korea, Australia, Thailand, Germany, among others. There is no other company in the market like us right now, so it's exciting to have the chance to develop the US Marketing Strategy from scratch as we look to grow revenues in the US and launch new platform features to our users around the world. 

Favorite thing about the MKTG department from your CoBA memories: My favorite memory about the MKTG department was their diverse professional backgrounds and real-world experience. Not only did the Marketing professors have a passion for teaching students about the various areas of marketing, they had the professional experience to back up their teachings. I admired the professors ability to balance both being professors and business professionals simultaneously.

Favorite MKTG class: Global and Cross-Cultural Marketing. Although it was just a glimpse into the world of global marketing, I quickly realized how much more I had to learn about marketing to truly become a well-rounded marketing professional. I hadn't had my hand on the pulse of the global marketing landscape until I accepted the position I am in now. We strongly believe in "localizing" our "global" approach to marketing. This is something I learned about in that class about eight years ago. It's exciting to watch a marketing campaign succeed in another country like France or Thailand, and work collaboratively with my marketing teammates to identify ways I can modify the campaign elements to speak to our US target audience in efforts of capturing their attention and securing them as new clients for our business.

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