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Brent Williams

Brent Williams

Brand Development Manager

MacKenzie Corporation

Class of 2010

Brief description of role/ job duties:  First and foremost, I’m here to develop and strengthen our brand identity by creating traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies. I also support all sales and marketing efforts through content creation, graphic design, web design, lead generation and by continually refining our value propositions.

Favorite thing about your job:  I have a voice and a hand in many different areas of the company. As a family owned business, our leadership genuinely cares and listens to everyone on the team. If I have a new service concept, I’m empowered to explore and develop that concept. If I have an industry I’d like to pursue, I’m able to pick up the phone and start making calls. If I have a skill I want to acquire or grow, I’m encouraged to pursue training or educational courses. No two days are ever the same unless I choose for them to be, and I’m developing as a person as much as I’m developing as a professional. 

Favorite thing about the MKTG department from your CoBA memories:  I was introduced to local business leaders which presented valuable networking opportunities. By pursuing and building relationships with these business leaders I landed an internship that evolved into amazing job opportunities shortly after graduating.

Favorite MKTG class: Sports Marketing – because I love sports and this course introduced me to industry opportunities I never knew existed.

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