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Department of Mathematics Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) Policy

In order to Advance to Candidacy, students must provide their Comprehensive Examination or Thesis Committee with a writing sample that demonstrates their proficiency at writing a mathematical article.  The writing sample should be 8 to 10 pages in length and presented in the format required for a thesis.  The content of the writing sample should be self-contained, explain a mathematical topic, and have a bibliography.  The content is up to the Thesis or Comprehensive Examination Advisor and the student. 

A student pursuing the thesis option might submit a chapter from his/her thesis such as the mathematical background or introductory chapter.  A research proposal giving an overview of thesis content is also acceptable.  A student pursuing the comprehensive exam option might write an article that builds on some aspect of his/her coursework that the student found particularly interesting.  The writing sample should address the criteria in the campus-wide rubric.  The committee will score the writing sample according to the campus-wide rubric.

Visit the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement website and focus on the Rubric.

NOTE:  Providing a writing sample is the only the method approved by Department of Mathematics for satisfying the Mathematics GWAR.