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The Reid Lecture Series

The Reid Lecture Series is an annual public lecture geared toward showing a broad audience the beauty of mathematics  It is hosted each March by the CSUSM Department of Mathematics.  The event is open to the local and campus communities, including engaged high school and college students from other campuses and interested community members.

The Reid Lecture was established in 2015 and has continued with support from Founding Library Dean and Librarian Emerita Marion Reid and Founding Faculty Member and Professor Emeritus K. Brooks Reid.

The Spring 2021 Reid Lecture Series Presents: "The Math Puzzle that Spawned 1,000 Philosophy Papers" with Dr. Peter Winkler

Proposed 19 years ago by philosopher Adam Elga, "Sleeping Beauty" seems to be a simple question about probability.  Is it?  If so, why does it incite such passion?  This talk will describe the various "camps" in the controversy and examine their arguments.  In the end, you'll have to decide for yourself where you stand.

Peter Winkler is the William Morrill Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Dartmouth College.  He is the author of about 160 research papers and holds a dozen patents in marine navigation, cryptography, holography, gaming, optical networking, and distributed computing.  His research is primarily in combinatorics, probability, and the theory of computing, with forays into statistical physics.  He is a winner of the Mathematical Association of America's Lester R. Ford and David P. Robbins prizes.

For the academic year 2019/20, Dr. Winkler served as the Distinguished Visiting Professor for the Public Dissemination of Mathematics at the National Museum of Mathematics.  Dr. Winkler has written three collections of mathematical puzzles, a book on cryptology in the game of bridge, and a portfolio of compositions for ragtime piano.  His latest (and biggest) book is "Mathematical Puzzles" (CRC Press, 2021).

DATE: Thursday, March 18, 2021

PRESENTATION: 6:00-7:00PM (Zoom room opens at 5:45PM)

Event is free but registration is required. 


  • 2015: The inaugural Reid Lecture given by Professor Ron Graham, UC San Diego Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • 2016: Professor Francis Su, Harvey Mudd College, Department of Mathematics.
  • 2017:  Professor Alice Silverberg, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, UC Irvine.
  • 2018:  Professor William Dunham, Mathematical Historian, Distinguished Author, and Research Associate in Mathematics at Bryn Mawr.
  • Spring 2019:  Professor Talithia Williams, Department of Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College.
  • Fall 2019:  Professor Ron Gould, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Heilbrun Distinguished Fellow, Emory University.