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Guidelines for a Travel Approval Request

Single trips

  • Any trip that is being reimbursed fully or in part by any CSUSM office, including Extended Learning and/or CSUSM Corporation (including external grant funds), requires approval in advance on a green Travel Approval Form or the CSUSM Corporation Travel Approval Form.  This includes trips that occur entirely when classes are not in session (during breaks and summer).
  • Any trip that for which no reimbursement will be requested from a CSUSM source does not require approval from the Provost's Office.  This includes trips where an external organization is covering the cost of the trip, for example, an invited talk.
  • It the trip (funded or unfunded) overlaps at all with a time when classes are in session, it is the responsibility of the faculty member to notify his/her Department Chair and ASC of the trip (dates, destination, purpose), and to place on record how his/her classes are being appropriately covered during the trip.  A brief email to the DC and the AC will suffice.  This email certifies the professional nature of the travel for liability purposes.

Multiple trips (Blanket travel)

  • If a faculty member is planning to make several local trips to the same location (e.g. to a nearby institution for research collaboration), or to a series of locations for the same general purpose (e.g. to several local companies over a period of time to observe student interns), during the fiscal year, for which reimbursement will be requested, a single green form can be used.  The faculty member should specify, on the form, the maximum number of trips, and the maximum mileage and/or the maximum cost.  The start and end dates should encompass the entire travel plan, but may not extend beyond the end of the current fiscal year.  Approval must be obtained before the first trip.
  • Multiple-trip approval on a single form can be used when the only reimbursement being requested is mileage, tolls, and/or parking costs.  If any other expenses will be claimed for reimbursement, that particular trip must be approved separately as a "single trip" (see above).

Please contact the Dean's office if you have questions about a specific travel plan.