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Airport Projects

Southern California International Airport: Panel Discussion

Advisor: Dr. GlenBrodowsky and DonSciglimpaglia

Description: This is the fourth and final phase of the Southern California International Airport Exploratory Study for this California State University San Marcos Fully Employed MBA Program. The main goal of this project was to identify stakeholders, facilitate a discussion based on facts about the need and feasibility of building an international airport in the Tri-County Region, and identify a community steering committee to take this project out of academia and into the community.

Five panel questions:

  1. Is there a future need for additional international air travel in the San Diego region?
  2. What benefits would the Tri-County region gain with a new international airport located within the region?
  3. What are your viewpoints on the challenges of proposing a new international airport on Camp Pendleton? 
  4. Are there other locations for an international airport?
  5. How should this conversation continue in the region?

Southern California International Airport: Panel Discussion

San Diego Airport Exploratory Study 2.1

Advisor: Dr. Glen Brodowsky

Description: Over the past two years, students in the FEMBA program at CSUSM have completed the first two phases of a study concerning a new international airport in San Diego County. The first study concluded that the ideal location for the new airport would be just south of Camp Pendleton in Oceanside. The second study investigated the impact of a new international airport on the Tri-County Region defined as North San Diego, Southwest Riverside, and Southern Oranges Counties.

Building upon the findings of the first two studies, the current study investigates the following:

  1. Funding models for major airport construction projects.
  2. Attracting major airline hubs to the region.
  3. The potential impact of attracting international travel to and from the region on various sectors of the regional economy.

Southern California International Airport Exploratory Study 2.1 Report

San Diego Airport Exploratory Study 2.0


Advisor: Dr. Glen Brodowsky

Description: Having chosen the Camp Pendleton site in 2013 as the best location for a new airport during the first phase of the project, our corporate sponsor Qualcomm commissioned a second phase of the study.  This phase was designed to focus on issues, concerns, opportunities and challenges of bringing an international airport to the region by the year 2040. 

The report is comprised of five chapters.  These include: 

  1. Defining the tri-county region served by the proposed airport.
  2. Benchmarking against other regions served by multiple airports.
  3. Sustainably Meeting the ground transportation needs of serving the new airport.
  4. Employment and multiplier effects of building and operating the proposed airport.
  5. Political considerations spanning the tri country region affecting the airport project.

Southern California Airport Exploratory Study 2.0 Report


San Diego Airport Exploratory Study 1.0


Advisor: Dr. Beverlee Anderson

Description: The Project was designed to update previous airport studies by examining five salient aspects germane to any future airport decisions.  The information related to five selected topics  (Demand Projections; Economic Implications; Infrastructure, Traffic & Transportation; Political Implications; and Potential Demographic Changes) was updated with the most current data available.  Using both quantitative and qualitative tools, data collected from secondary and primary sources are analyzed.  The results of the project(s) will be useful in any future airport planning processes.


Demand Projection: Allen Farberov, Matt Hyatt, Marco Rangel, Matt Rendina

Economic Implications: Josh Bond, Tolga Demircay, Armando Garcia, Brian Priebe

Traffic & Transportation: Mazen Aboufakhr, Brianne Dailey, Dani James, Bhumika Talsania

Political Implications: Brett Campfield, Yina Li, Greg Uke

Demographic Changes: Casey Davidson, Brad Smith, Brian Walton