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Graduate Student Resources

To our McNair Scholars that are currently in graduate school, we have collected some materials here for you to use as you see fit. Some of these are instructional, to assist you through your first year and beyond. Other items are meant to motivate you or assist you in overcoming any challenges. In addition to the reading materials below, we hope that you never hesitate to reach out to your CSUSM McNair staff if you ever need guidance or assistance. And don't forget, it's also okay to reach out when things are going nice and smooth!

Useful Resources:

5 Productivity Practices That Helped Me Finish My Dissertation
Things I Wished I Knew at the Beginning of My PhD
How to Find a Writing Routine That Works


Survival Guides:

Hacking Grad School (2019, Inside Higher Ed)
Surviving Grad School (2014, Inside Higher Ed)
15 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Graduate School (2013, Without Ritual, Autonomous Negotiations Blog)
What I Learned About Surviving Graduate School (2012, The Chronicle of Higher Education)
Dawn of the Grad: Rules for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and Your First Year at Grad School (2011, Gradhacker Blog)


Materials to make you feel better:

So Your Ph.D. Program Is Not Going ‘As Planned’? (2018, The Chronicle of Higher Education)
Graduate School Should Be Challenging, Not Traumatic (2018, ChronicleVitae)
The Self-Helpification of Academe (2018, The Chronicle of Higher Education)
Grad students behaving badly (2015, Science - Issues and Perspectives)
PhD Comics