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Mediasite Desktop Recorder Help

How do I get the Desktop Recorder?

  1. Log in to My Mediasite
  2. Scroll down to "Download the Desktop Recoder" and press the button.
  3. Follow the 3 step process to download, install, and register. (Install requires administrative rights)
  4. If the recorder is not registered your presentation cannot upload.
  5. Read all of the instructions below for recording and sharing your presentations.
  6. If you get a validation error email

Video Instruction for Installing the Mediasite Desktop Recorder

Using the Mediasite Desktop Recorder for Screen Recording

You can record your computer screen and webcam simultaneously.

  1. Open the Mediasite Desktop Recorder
  2. Make sure it is Registered, you should see your username in the top left area of the recorder.
  3. If you get a validation error email
  4. Select Record
  5. Name the Presentation and select recording method (Screencast + Video, Screencast + Audio, Slides + Video, Slides + Audio) For recording a PowerPoint with no animations and no webcam video, Slideshow + Audio is recommended.
  6. Click Next and check audio leveles and webcam setting if used.
  7. Click Next, Select desktop, under selected you should see "Desktop", click the green checkbox to continue.
  8. Uncheck show recording control panel and press record.
  9. There will be a 5 second countdown before the recording begins.
  10. To pause or complete the recording, press CTRL + F8 or the Pause Icon in the Menu Bar, Bottom Right on PC and Top Right on Mac.
  11. Do not close the recorder until the presentation has completed and verified the upload.

Make Your Presentation Viewable to others - Check and Share Your Presentation

Video for Faculty - Copy a My Mediasite Link and Put it into your Cougar Course

Video - Share a Presentation Link from My Mediasite 

  1. Go to the My Mediasite Web Portal and log in.
  2. If you see a thumbnail image for your presentation, it has completed processing.
  3. If you do not see a thumbnail, you should see a message that your presentation is being processed, wait for it to complete. Processing time can vary, but should not be longer than and hour for presentations under 30 minutes.
  4. Make your presentation viewable to others by clicking the dropdown below the thumbnail and change it from "Private" to "Viewable".
  5. Preview your presentation by clicking on the thumbnail, this will open the summary screen, click on "Watch in New Window", the presentation will open in a new window and play.
  6. If the presentation plays you are ready to share the link to your presentation.
  7. To share, click on the "Share" tab from the summary window and copy the link. Paste the link in Cougar Courses, email, or other sharing location.

Mediasite Desktop Recorder Help

  • Screencast + Video: This will record your screen as video and your web cam. This is useful for recording mouse moves, software demonstrations, camera demonstrations, and powerpoints with animations. It will also record audio from a microphone.
  • Screencast + Audio: This will record your screen as video and audio from a microphone. This is useful for recording mouse moves, software demonstrations, and powerpoints with animations. 
  • Slideshow + Video: Slides from your desktop and video from a web cam with audio from a microphone. This is good for slides with no animations or live annotations.
  • Slideshow + Audio: Slides from your desktop with audio from a microphone.