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Mediasite Connection

When you register Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) with Mediasite, your credentials are saved. Each time you launch MDR, these credentials are used to automatically log you into Mediasite. To upload recordings, a Mediasite connection is required.


  • Registration is done in My Mediasite on the MDR download page and is step 3 of the MDR installation process. You will receive a notification indicating that MDR has been successfully registered with Mediasite.
  • If your user profile is not validated, MDR registration will fail. If this occurs, contact your Mediasite administrator for more information.

Registering your recorder Registering your desktop recorder with Mediasite

Multiple Mediasite connections

MDR allows multiple connections on the same computer:

  • Multiple connections to the same Mediasite using different credentials, which allows different users to use the same machine. All users must register MDR from My Mediasite to save their connections.
  • Connections to different Mediasites. Once again, you must register MDR with each Mediasite to save the connection.

Forget a connection

To remove a connection, select (Login name) > Forget a Connection and click the X next to the connection. When the confirmation message appears, click Forget.

Forget a connection Forgetting a Mediasite connection