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Q & A

  • Do I need to be good in math?
     Not necessarily, but you need to handle complex issues and ambiguity well. Information Systems are frequently complex solutions to messy organizational problems, so your ability to work effectively with other people is critical.
  • Are MIS jobs off-shored?
    We train students who integrate technologies seamlessly into business processes. Such jobs CANNOT be off-shored. This is indicated by increasing demand for MIS majors. Actually, the IT-related jobs that are off-shored are primarily Computer Science / Programming-related jobs.
  • What is the difference in MIS Majors and CS Majors?
    MIS majors are most likely to go into management positions in Information Systems for all businesses or consulting firms, while CS majors are most likely to go into programming and product development for computer companies. Over 60% of MIS majors each year accept offers with business consulting firms. High tech, biotech, manufacturing, retailers, insurance, and communications firms, among others, hire MIS majors through the campus Career Center.