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National Latino Research Center

National Latino Research Center


The National Latino Research Center (NLRC) is an applied social science research center with longstanding community and organizational partnerships in the U.S.-Mexico border region. The mission of the NLRC is to promote research, training, and greater awareness on the unique needs and dynamics of U.S. Latina/o communities. The NLRC works in partnership with Latina/o communities, organizations, and public institutions bridging educational and health resources and opportunities. 

NLRC engages in research related to health (e.g., mental health, migrant health, indigenous medicine); education (e.g., parent engagement, college and career preparation, youth empowerment, multilingual and multicultural education); civic learning and action (civic mission of schools, voting, volunteering, public policy), and the environment (e.g., healthy communities, environmental justice).   

Project Spotlight:

Decennial Census 2020

The NLRC is analyzing U.S. Census data to understand demographic shifts in the CSUSM service region.

As a Hispanic Serving Institute (HSI) in the U.S. Mexico Border region CSUSM's student body is majority Latina/o (48.1%).  Mexican students represent 85% of those Latino Students and represent 43.6% of the total student body.

CSUSM student ethincity Fall 2021