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The National Latino Research Center provides a vast range of services designed to address the needs of researchers, academic institutions, public agencies, private corporations and community-based organizations.

Its research-based services include culturally competent program evaluations, needs assessments, surveys, gap analyses, bilingual and culturally competent focus groups, literature reviews, practitioner-oriented reports, demographic fact sheets and training manuals. The NLRC also has expertise developing and conducting trainings at the community level that provide facilitation, capacity building, professional development and results-oriented accountability.

Needs Assessment & Program Evaluation

The NLRC tailors needs assessments to the particular social and cultural make-up of the target population. The NLRC specializes in theory-driven program evaluations designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Consulting and Technical Assistance

The NLRC works with clients to clarify research designs and recommend options when a new approach is warranted. Capabilities range from a simple descriptive analysis to a multivariate analysis of the client's data.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are useful to collect qualitative data to evaluate services or develop new ideas. The NLRC specializes in planning, developing questions, and facilitating focus group sessions.

Data Collection

The NLRC has bilingual and bicultural teams experienced in collecting, coding and analyzing data on diverse Latino and non-Latino populations.


The NLRC provides training, workshops and conferences on issues that are critical for the research, academic and public sector communities involved with Latino populations.


The NLRC is able to conduct moderate to large studies using optional sampling strategies. Our staff uses the client's data collection instruments or, if preferred, will create them for the client.