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Impaction and Eligibility for Admission to Nursing Program

Impaction and Eligibility for Admission to our Nursing
Traditional BSN Program


There are two levels of Impaction for admission to the 3-year Traditional BSN program here at CSU San Marcos. Impaction status for a major is designated each year by the CSU Chancellor's Office. Currently, the Nursing Major reflects two levels of impaction below:

1. Criteria for entry to the Pre-Nursing Core Science Courses

2. Criteria for admission to the Traditional BSN program

Admission Eligibility

Minimum Requirements for Consideration of Admission to the Traditional BSN Program:

  1. We accept students who have already completed a Bachelor's degree or higher, from a regionally-accredited college/university within the United States.

  2.  Pre-Nursing Core courses, or equivalents, from a regionally-accredited college/university, must be completed in the spring term prior to our Fall admission cycle.

  3. Pre-Nursing Core GPA of 2.75

  4. TEAS Version 5.0 Composite Score of 71.0%

Please be aware that these are only the minimum requirements to be able to apply for admission to the traditional BSN program.  Supplemental Admission Criteria apply.  Please visit the Statistics link for Previously Admitted Cohorts to learn what it takes to actually get admitted to the program.