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Volunteer Info

Volunteer Information and Documentation of Volunteer Hours

Optional Points for Admission to the Traditional BSN Program

We do accept Volunteer Work completed while in High School provided the volunteer experience involved interaction with patients.

For those of you in your first year of study at Cal State San Marcos as a Pre-Health Science major for Nursing, it is not too early to begin thinking about starting to accumulate some volunteer hours in a hospital setting.  Appropriate volunteer work will earn you admission points for the Traditional BSN program. We do encourage first-year students, however, to wait until the spring term to begin adding volunteer work to your schedule.  For some of you, transportation will be an issue and you may prefer to do some volunteer work while home for the holidays or school breaks during your first year, and then volunteer at a hospital near your home during the summer.

Students are encouraged to seek out volunteer opportunities at a local hospital by contacting the Volunteer Office, Volunteer Coordinator or applying online to a hospital for volunteer work.  Please remember that you need to have interaction with patients in an acute care setting.  In other words, we do not accept volunteer work in the Hospital Gift Shop, completing filing work, or answering phones at a reception desk.  If you have questions as to what type of volunteer work we accept, after being offered a volunteer opportunity, please contact a Nursing Advisor.  You can accumulate volunteer hours at multiple sites. 

We will not accept volunteer work at a private residence. We will award points for volunteer work at a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or hospice facility provided you have interaction with patients who are receiving medical care.  Our goal is to have you observe working RN's and other health care professionals in an acute care setting, and their interaction with patients and family members.  We do not award points for 'activities' interaction with patients, such as playing games, reading, crafts, etc.

 Some of our local hospitals:

How to document your volunteer hours?

The hospitals will keep track of your volunteer hours for you, provided you are completing volunteer work as coordinated through the hospital's Volunteer Office.  Please verify this before you start your volunteer work.  Once you have finished volunteering at a particular site, you will want to request a letter from that site, documenting your volunteer hours there.  Below is the letter template to follow when getting your volunteer hours documented.  Be sure to pick up the letter, or have it sent to your address. Read the letter to make sure that it includes all required information, per the letter template.

Volunteer Documentation Letter Template

 If letters do not contain all of this information, on original letterhead stationary, such letters will not be considered.