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Nursing Programs

Our School of Nursing Programs at CSU San Marcos are administered either through the School of Nursing or through Extended Learning. All nursing courses (NURS) at CSU San Marcos are taught by our School of Nursing Faculty, yet administration of the degree programs differs according to whether the program is offered via State-support tuition (the regular CSU Tuition) or via self-support (the Extended Learning Nursing programs).  The degree issued by the University (a B.S. in Nursing or a M.S. in Nursing degree) is the same whether a student has completed a degree program administered via State-support or Self-support (Extended Learning).  Students in these nursing programs receive the same quality of instruction, and are taught in our University nursing facilities.

More details for each program are available below:

Nursing Programs: State-Support Tuition Nursing Programs: Self-Support Tuition

Location of Programs: 

San Marcos campus only

Location of Programs: 

San Marcos and Temecula campuses

State-Support School of Nursing Programs:

Traditional BSN


A full-time, cohort program which leads to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).  Upon program completion, students are eligible to sit for the NCLEX State Board Exam (RN License Exam). This program is intended for students who do not hold an RN (Registered Nurse) or LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) license; although, students with an LVN license may apply to enter this program. Our Fall application cycle for School of Nursing admission to this program runs Oct. 1st - Nov. 30th. Applications and Application Instructions will be posted on our Web site, under the  Applications link during this application period.


A part-time program which leads to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing for licensed LVN’s. Students will be admitted on a space-available basis each fall; and the Fall application cycle runs Oct. 1st - Nov. 30th.  Upon program completion, students are eligible to sit for the NCLEX State Board Exam (RN License Exam). 

Self-Support Nursing Programs Administered Through Extended Learning:

Accelerated BSN


This is an accelerated, 22-month, Bachelor's degree in Nursing program designed for those who will have already completed a Bachelor's degree in a discipline other than nursing.  This program is being offered through Extended Learning. 

MSN - Master of Science in Nursing

A 2-3 year program with concentrations in Family Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

A summarized, OVERVIEW of our Nursing Degree Programs at CSU San Marcos

Upcoming Programs

LVN to RN 30-Unit Option

The LVN 30-unit option is available to students on a space-available basis. We currently don't have any spaces available in this program. The Web site will be updated just as soon as new information becomes available on this program. This program allows licensed vocational nurses (LVN's) to complete no more than 30 additional semester units and then be eligible to take the licensing examination (NCLEX) for registered nurse (RN). Students will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX State Board Examination (RN Nursing License) once they have successfully completed this LVN 30-unit option. It is important to note that there won't be any degree awarded through this 30-unit option program.  Please be aware that some states may deny licensure reciprocity for students who complete this LVN 30-unit option.

Interested students are also encouraged to investigate opportunities at Community Colleges which offer an LVN to RN Step-up program. Upon completion of such a program, students would then be eligible to apply and enter for RN to BSN program or RN to MSN program, which are flexible programs, designed for the working RN.