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First Year Students

First Year Students From High School

All first-year students interested in Nursing enter the University as Pre-Health Science students.  You will spend a minimum of 4 semesters completing the Pre-Nursing Core requirements, completing appropriate volunteer and/or work experience, and meeting other University General Education requirements and any Supplemental Nursing Admission Criteria.  This will be explained in detail at the new-student University Orientations.  Newly-admitted students are able to schedule an advising appointment with a Nursing Advisor once you are a current student at the University and have attended a new-student Orientation.

The Traditional B.S. in Nursing program is an 'Impacted Major' at the University.  This means that there are more applicants than spaces available in the program.  Admission to the University as a Pre-Nursing students does not guarantee admission into this Impacted Program.  Admission to the Traditional BSN program is competitive.

You will apply to enter a specific Nursing program in the semester or two prior to finishing up the Pre-Nursing Core requirements.  Students will want to seek help from a Nursing Advisor to assist you in planning out your coursework and in helping you to know when to apply to a Nursing Program. 

All applicants to the Traditional BSN program are rank ordered based on points earned according to the Supplemental Admission Criteria.  These criteria must be approved each year by the CSU Chancellor's Office.

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