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Coursework Completed outside of the United States

Admission for Students with All or Part of Coursework Completed Outside of the United States

Please refer to the University Admissions Web site for the University admissions requirements, deadlines to apply, etc.

If you have completed college-level coursework in another country and want any of that coursework to apply towards the specific requirements for a degree in Nursing, the School of Nursing requires that any coursework completed outside of the United States must first be evaluated by one of the University's approved evaluation companies.  Please contact the University Office of Admissions and Recruitment for a list of approved Evaluation Companies, if desired.  A photocopy of the evaluation completed by the Evaluation Company must be submitted to the School of Nursing for all Pre-Nursing and Nursing Program applicants, if you want such coursework to apply towards your specific Nursing degree requirements. Please be aware that the University never accepts coursework completed outside of the U.S. to meet the Area A requirements, which are part of the CSU Pre-Nursing Core.

If you should decide to get an evaluation completed, the type of evaluation you are seeking needs to include the U.S. equivalency for college credit.  It needs to further provide the U.S. equivalency for each course, including course title, equivalent number of U.S. semester units, and grade equivalency to the U.S. grading structure.

Please be aware that admission to the University as a Pre-Health Science student does not guarantee you a spot into a Nursing program.

Contact us at if you should have further questions.