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Univ. Language Requirement

Language Other than English / Proficiency Exam Here at CSUSM

Visit the University's Language Learning Center, LOTER Web site for information on the many ways in which the University's Language Other Than English (LOTER) graduation requirement can be met and the option of taking the Proficiency Exam here at Cal State San Marcos as a current or prospective student.  Second Bachelor Degree students are not required to meet the University Language other than English requirement in order to graduate with a BSN degree.

We award points in our Point System (Supplemental Admission Criteria) if you complete the University's LOTER requirement, but this is not an entrance requirement to our Nursing Program. 

In order to earn points for this Criteria Area, you must have met the LOTER by the end of the Spring term prior to fall admission to the program.  We do not award points for partial completion of the LOTER.  If you are planning to take the Proficiency Exam at CSU San Marcos, please plan accordingly, as the deadline for us to receive your results will be sometime in May.  See the specific deadline date in our link of submittal deadlines.

Prospective students can take the Proficiency exam here at CSU San Marcos once you receive a campus ID number from the University Admissions Office.  Proficiency Exam results from CSU San Marcos are sent to us electronically from the University's Language Learning Center.  It may take several months, however, to schedule the exam, take the exam, and allow enough time for us to receive the results from the University Language Learning Center.

Please be aware that Language other than English courses will be meet our Area C3 (Area C2 if from a California Community College) GE requirement, but the proficiency exam completed at CSU San Marcos, while potentially meeting the LOTER requirement, will not meet this GE area requirement.