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LVN to BSN Sequence

LVN to BSN Curriculum Sequence 

Currently our LVN to BSN Program is a 33-month program.   Once a LVN to BSN student has successfully passed the LVN Nursing Skills Assessment and has been admitted to the program, we will award 17 units of NURS course credit.  Those courses for which the LVN student has earned credit and does not have to take, are shown as 'strikethrough' courses in the following Curriculum Sequence.  

As shown, in the curriculum sequence, LVN to BSN students will attend part-time for the first Fall and Spring term.  LVN to BSN students need not attend school at all in the first Summer term, unless desired to enroll in non_NURS courses.  Please be aware that there isn't anyway to speed up or slow down this sequence.  Students are admitted into a 'Cohort' model and move through all NURS courses in the prescribed sequence.

Because LVN to BSN students are joining a Traditional BSN Cohort and are exempt from 17 units of NURS coursework that the Traditional BSN students must take, our LVN to BSN students may need to pursue a Minor in order to remain at full-time status for financial aid or health insurance purposes.