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Traditional BSN Statistics for Admitted Cohorts

The statistics below represent admission information for our admitted Traditional BSN cohorts. We admitted approximately 40-45 Traditional students in each of these admit terms.  

The 'average' and 'range' statistics, below, refer only to the admitted cohort.

Supplemental Admission Criteria
(Points System)
2016 2015 2014 2013 
Total Points Possible 68 68 68 68 68
Lowest Point Cut-off
for Admission*
53.5 52.5 52.5 54.5 51.5
Pre-Nursing Core GPA Average: 3.88 Average: 3.86 Average: 3.89 Average:  3.89 Average: 3.81
Overall GPA Average: 3.84 Average:  3.86 Average: 3.82 Average:  3.83 Average 3.81
TEAS Composite Score Average: 84
Range: 94.7-75.3
Average: 84
Range:  97.3-72
Average: 85
Range: 96.7-72.7
Average: 83.6
Range: 94.7-74
Average 81.93
Range 94.0-71.3


CSU San Marcos utilized impaction criteria to more greatly restrict admission to the program.

Not everyone at that point cut-off was necessarily admitted. In the case of a tie, we give priority to those with prior U.S. military service, and then we use a lottery to determine who gets admitted.

The low GPA's are examples of what can be accomplished by earning points in optional Criteria areas.

 We require Version the ATI TEAS exam.