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How We Can Help

How The Office of University Ombuds Can Help 

We provide confidential, neutral, and informal dispute resolution services for all faculty, staff members and students.  

What we do

Our responses are tailored to the visitor’s particular situation and needs. We may:

  • Listen and discuss your questions and concerns
  • Offer information about University policies and procedures
  • Help identify and evaluate options for solving problems
  • Serve as a neutral "third party" in conflict resolution
  • Gather information and offer referrals to other resources
  • Offer coaching to help you prepare for a difficult conversation
  • Facilitate communication
  • Advocate for a fair resolution process
  • Track perceived issues and trends
  • Make recommendations for institutional improvements

What we do not do

  • Provide legal advice
  • Address issues that are covered by an applicable collective bargaining agreement
  • Inquire into the application or interpretation of a collective bargaining agreement
  • Make judgments, decisions or findings of fact
  • Establish, change or override policies
  • Conduct formal investigations
  • Provide psychological counseling
  • Participate in grievances or other formal processes
  • Accept notice on behalf of the University
  • Serve as an advocate for any person
  • Make decisions for administrators or others
  • Assign sanctions or discipline to individuals