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The CSUSM Onboarding program takes new leaders beyond the typical orientation to create an experience that truly integrates the employee into the unique university setting. Characterized by an Onboarding Buddy program, CSUSM Onboarding pairs a new manager with a cross-divisional colleague to provide resources, insight and a guided introduction to CSUSM culture.



CSUSM’s Onboarding Program began in January 2014 as a way to formalize the process for welcoming, supporting, and acculturating new leaders into their new roles.  

  • The program is based on onboarding best practices and shares resources like Who's Who of CSUSM Leadership, culture documents, and expectations of leaders
  • Guidebooks provided to supervisors, new managers, and buddies are strategically designed to serve as a resource during the first year of the new position. The guidebooks include checklists covering pre-arrival through first 90-days and beyond. The checklists identify key points, such as identifying feedback mechanisms, recognizing and protecting the new hire’s time to get to know the right people, and suggests holding time on the hiring manager’s calendar to be available to new hire, etc. 
  • Each new manager receives CSUSM swag and is assigned a buddy 
  • Onboarding begins at Day 1 and is not an orientation, but an ongoing touch point for new leaders and their supervisors and buddies