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Recognizing Excellence

The Recognizing Excellence program was developed to recognize and reward employees for outstanding contribution to the campus, based on the Finance and Administrative Services (FAS) Values and Core Competency.

The purpose of the recognition program is to:

  1. Identify and recognize FAS Employees who go above and beyond their responsibilities
  2. Reinforce the division’s mission “Excellence in service, partnerships, and results"
  3. Respond to Employee Engagement Survey results and the need for a more robust employee recognition program
  4. Motivate employees through building the FAS division culture by recognizing accomplishments and contributions

Selection process:

  1. Nominations are opened to the Division.
  2. All nominations are scrubbed of all identifying information and provided to a Selection Committee comprised of FAS employees (including two awardees from the previous year).
  3. The Selection Committee reviews the anonymous nominations and then scores each from 1 to 5. The nominee with the highest overall score receives the award and is recognized during the Division Meeting.

All previous nominees and awardees are listed here: Previous Recognizing Excellence Awardees

2021 Recognizing Excellence Awardees & Nominees:

Legendary Leader: Rayanne Weber (awardee), Amber Perez

Legendary Service: Angela Sanchez (awardee), Courtney Tamone, Reyna Tolento, Kristin Erickson, Stephanie Hebert

Pivot Award: Justine Cook (awardee), Jennifer Martin

PAW Award Collaboration: Anna Vazquez-Reyes (awardee), MarieChris Fernandez

PAW Award Continuous Improvement: Noella Richer (awardee)

PAW Award Positive Spirit: Paulette Renfro (awardee), Crystal Villalobos

Key Collaborator Award:  CSUSM Athletics Department (Jennifer Milo and Todd Snedden)

 Key Collaborator Award