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Future Educators Association

We are an association run by our fellow Cal State San Marcos students who want to pursue a degree in Education. Whether it is Elementary, Middle, High School, or Educational Specialist level, we are here to offer support to our peers. We help with various things from informational meetings about different grade levels, job offerings that have to do with education or children, applications to go into CSUSM teaching credentials, and many more. We are lucky to be helped by our wonderful professors who give us support by guiding and sponsoring our various meetings and events. Some events are are Lesson Learn events where teachers from all over the county come to talk and answer our questions about the real world of teaching, this was very successful and overall beneficial for our members. Overall, we are a fun dedicated association whose goal is to help many people become prepared credential students and teachers from our support and guidance! 

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Org Details 

Caitlin Cantonwine
David Espinoza
Meeting Time:
Every Tuesday
12pm - 1pm