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Highlighting the humanity of our Undocumented and Minority communities through Allyship and coNversation (H.U.M.A.N.)

The purpose of this organization is to create a space where we can amplify the voices of students belonging to minority groups, those who may be impacted by immigration status, and allies; encouraging them to unite through a student organization that provides a safe space to address concerns that may be otherwise overlooked by the very institutions that they belong to. As a result of intimidation that students encounter, we are oftentimes not accustomed to speaking out, especially when it comes to reaching out to those in power. 

Our plan is to not only provide resources to teach each other how to become allies but also to rally behind each other and provide support where students can see that they are not alone and that their voices can be used, along with ours as a club, to speak on issues that matter to us. 


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