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OTRES History

The Office for Training, Research and Education in the Sciences (OTRES), formerly known as Office for Biomedical Research & Training (OBRT), was founded in August 2000 by Dr. Victor Rocha of California State University San Marcos. This office functions as the administrative home for several projects that focus on student and faculty career development and institutional curriculum enhancement in the biomedical and related sciences.  The OTRES actively seeks resources of various types to achieve its mission.

OTRES has been very successful at obtaining funding to implement programs for student education, training and student participation in research, for faculty development, and for contributing to the educational mission of CSUSM.  The student training programs and our support of faculty research grants includes participants from the College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics; the College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences; and the College of Education, Health and Human Services.  Our programs equip participants with the knowledge and skills they need for a successful career in the sciences.  OTRES students perform original scientific research and present their findings at scientific meetings. Students are introduced to a broad range of scientific disciplines and are provided with networking opportunities with representatives of some of the nation's top research universities. 

The office is intensely involved in this trio of Training, Research and Education activities. During the past ten years our student training programs MARC, RISE, Bridges and LSAMP have financially supported more than 400 students who have used the programs to further their academic and research careers.  Our program graduates have earned Ph.D. and M.S. /M.A. degrees in a range of disciplines from prestigious universities.  Our student graduation rate is 93%, compared to 40% nationwide and 77 % for CSU San Marcos. We are committed to the idea of achieving excellence through diversity in science and academia, and to making CSUSM the institution of choice for students and faculty interested in the sciences.

OBRT Mission Statement (Original-ca. 2001)

The Office for Biomedical Research & Training (OBRT) provides a supportive multicultural environment for student and faculty career development in the biomedical sciences and related disciplines. The OBRT sponsors programs that focus on science education, student support services, research training, and research participation. We strive to make CSU San Marcos the institution of choice for students interested in the biomedical sciences.

Office for Training, Research and Education in the Sciences(760) Academic Hall 410 Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm