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2020 Service Sites Descriptions

chavez statue overlooking community

Sites from CSUSM Main Campus

The following are the service sites for the seventh Annual César Chávez Day of Service

Volunteers will be led by current CSUSM student, Ricardo Cruz, who is an intern on the project to the watershed. Hand-pulling (with small weeding tools) of the Algerian Sea Lavender (an invasive plant) will take place and be put into black plastic bags and tied off. This project is in conjunction with Fish and Wildlife and The Nature Collective to eradicate the species in the Agua Hedionda Lagoon over a five-year time period. Video overview of services to the community.

CSUSM student volunteers can assist with two major cleaning projects: window washing from the inside and outside of the shelter's three buildings and general clean-up assistance in the kitchen such as sweeping, mopping, dishes, cleaning stoves and refrigerators. Video overview of services to the community.

Students will be prepping the space for growing vegetables for the ASI Cougar Pantry.  They will be weeding and planting and doing other farm projects as needed.

Ocean Knoll Elementary has a beautiful school garden and farm that our students use for outdoor science learning. CSUSM volunteers will help with maintaining the garden and farm. The master gardener will work with the volunteers on various gardening tasks. This will include manual labor and getting dirty planting, harvesting, weeding, cleaning chicken coop, some small-scale building. Video overview of services to the community.

Operation Hope has  a boutique that their clients can access at no cost. The entire boutique is supplied by donations and maintained by volunteers. Volunteers will help sort donations and restock the boutique shelves. In addition, volunteers will be doing landscape beautification of the shelter. Video overview of services to the community.

  • Ivey Ranch Park | Grounds Beautification Project Such As Landscaping, Painting, General Repairs

Volunteers will be participating in a grounds beautification project at the 12-acre property. Projects typically included landscape and gardening, painting, small repairs, and general maintenance of our grounds.

  • Produce Good | "Pick Food Justice!" Help Fight Food Insecurity On-Campus and in the Community

With 40% of all food wasted, and 1 in 6 people who are food insecure in San Diego, Produce Good's mission is to address this very solvable problem. We invite the students of CSUSM to join us in a food recovery event called, ""Pick Food Justice!"" We will be picking oranges from a private orchard in Valley Center, which we hope later be distributed to the CSUSM ASI Cougar Pantry. We want to empower college students to help fight food insecurity on their own campus and throughout the county. We will educate and support the student volunteers at the same time on some of the challenges we face as a region in regard to a sustainable food system. Video overview of services to the community.

CSUSM students will be assist with preparing the homes and outdoor areas ready ahead of the start of the spring field trips. They will be painting some of outdoor equipment, preparing garden beds, setting up activity stations and signage that will be utilized by the visitors. They will also mark the games area and collect acorns for grinding. If time allows, they will also prepare story boards which outlines the historical timeline of San Marcos's past.

CSUSM volunteers will build a temporary deer fence for the main crop fields at San Pasqual Academy’s Dragon Organics. Additional tasks include planting vegetable tray plug starters into the ground and weeding maintenance with hoes in established growing areas. 

Sites from CSUSM Temecula Campus

Meet at the CSUSM Temecula Campus!

Volunteers will assist with exterior home painting, landscaping and minor repair at a senior citizen home. These project would be led by a construction manager and aided with construction staff.

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