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Language Learning Center

Language Learning Center Strategic Plan (2018-2023)


The Language Learning Center honors diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  We provide an inclusive, caring environment that not only complements best practices in academic language development, but also facilitates collaboration across the university and in the surrounding communities. Our peer-to-peer model, combined with our commitment to academic rigor and cross-cultural communication, prompts students to contribute confidently and independently to their own learning.   

Strategic Objective #1 

Cultivate strong advising relationships that aid with seamless matriculation and timeliness to graduation. 


A. Ensure LLC is an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. 

B. Ensure strong cross-campus advising for LOTER 

Strategic Objective #2 

Develop and sustain campus-wide collaborations in support of students exploring and using modern languages outside of the classroom. 


A. Reassess feasibility of LLC as testing locale for LOTER (and related) exams. 

B. Develop programs for language minors that complement and increase student career objectives. 

Strategic Objective #3 

Develop and sustain campus-wide collaborations in support of students learning the modern languages offered at CSUSM. 


A. Collaborate with Modern Language Studies Department on programmatic needs. 

B. Ensure that tutoring and programs are robustly aligned with MLS practices. 

Strategic Objective #4  

Provide strong professional development opportunities for student staff. 


A. Boost training from 13 to 20 hours per semester.  

B. Increase opportunities for conference attendance.