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STEM Student Success Center

STEM Student Success Center - Draft Strategic Plan

(Fall 2018-Spring 2022)


The CSUSM STEM Student Success Center is a rich, stimulating, diverse learning community where exchange of ideas takes place.  The center continuously seeks and adopts the most effective ways to support student success in STEM.  We create opportunities for students to build confidence, and we empower them to become independent lifelong learners.  We encourage transferrable thinking and skill-sets among STEM, other disciplines, and the real world.

Strategic Objective #1

Steward growth of students served in the STEM Student Success Center.

  • Measurable Goal A: Beginning in Fall 2018, increase number of student visits by 3% each year.
  • Measurable Goal B: Beginning in Fall 2018, increase number of actual students by 1.5% each year.
  • Measurable Goal C: From 2018 -2022, increase overall number of student visits by a total of 12%.

Strategic Objective # 2

Enhance capacity of the STEM Student Success Center as a collaborative learning community.

Measurable Goal A: Establish an Advisory Board to assist in achieving the goals of the strategic plan.

  1. 2018 Identify stakeholders and establish the membership of the Advisory Board (invite members to participate).
  2. 2018 Convene the first meeting and collectively outline goals and tasks for the Board.

Measurable Goal B: Annually evaluate physical space (including technology) usage to determine whether we are maximizing usable and effective student learning space(s) while simultaneously maintaining office and storage space.

  1. 2018 Develop tools and use self-study data to assess usage of current space and to determine the type of space necessary to facilitate upcoming growth.
  2. 2018 From the membership of the Board, create a task force to explore space needs and opportunities.
  3. 2018 Task force assess research relevant space usage/student occupancy data and formulas on campus.
  4. 2018 Develop a formula or modify an existing formula to project space needs.
  5. 2018 Write a proposal/white paper that outlines and scaffolds space needs.
  6. 2018 Present the proposal to Board and appropriate administrators.
  7. 2019 Attain permissions to locate and/or develop new space.
  8. 2019 Identify resources: space and financial support to develop new space.

Measurable Goal C: Increase management personnel to levels compatible with programmatic commitments.

  1. 2018 Research other STEM Centers to determine typical personnel to commitment levels.
  2. 2019 Review program usage data to determine needs.
  3. 2019 Based on these data and information, analyze personnel needs and develop necessary job descriptions.
  4. 2019 Present review and research discoveries to Board and administration along with recommendations to expand the number of STEM Student Success Center employees.
  5. 2019 Initiate search process for at least one permanent staff position.
  6. Depending upon the review discoveries, plan to hire additional staff in the next 4 years.

Strategic Objective #3

Adopt the most effective ways to support student success in STEM and to encourage lifelong learning.

Measurable Goal A: Enhance professional development for tutors.

  1. 2018 Identify professional conferences or venues where tutors may present their work.
  2. 2018 or 2019 Secure financial resources or grant opportunities to send student to meetings.

Measurable Goal B: 2019 Adopt the most effective ways to encourage lifelong learning.

  1. 2018 Launch alumni surveys and through these surveys impact of STEM Student Success Center on both tutors and as well those who received services.
  2. 2019 Introduce new elements based on survey data into STEM Student Success Center practices to encourage lifelong learning.

Measurable Goal C: Increase opportunities to share our outcomes and learn from other centers nationwide.

  1. 2018 Establish a network of contacts with other CSU STEM learning centers to collaborate throughout CSU and develop best practices.
  2. 2019 Develop student advisory council.
  3. 2020 Send students from student advisory council to other CSUs and campuses beyond CSU to discuss practices and findings from CSUSM Stem tutoring programs.

Strategic Objective #4

Refine and strengthen our capacity to assess the impact of our innovative programs and practices.

Measurable Goal A: Develop assessment strategies for measuring the impact of Center services on student academic success.

  1. 2018 Assess the tutoring program
    1. Conduct the assessment
    2. Analyze the results
    3. Make improvements to the program

Measurable Goal B: Explore online/alternative methods to support and enrich student learning outside of traditional hours and space.

  1. 2019 Develop a tool to assess interest and viability of alternative methods of delivery and workshops ( eg. Online support, weekend hours).
  2. 2020 Pursue pilot program based on feedback and assess results.

Measurable Goal C: 2019 Explore deeper collaboration with Math Lab. Pursue discussion with director and staff of Math Lab to determine possible avenues of collaboration.