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Enrollment Information for Faculty

This page is intended to inform faculty how wait lists work, what to look for when they don't, and what permission numbers can be used to override and what they cannot be used to override.

Prereq Waivers & Enrollment Issues

Due to our recent switch to online instruction, some changes have been made to the traditional prerequisite waiver process. See the Prerequisite Waivers & Enrollment Issues webpage for more information.

Enrollment Timeline

  • Before Classes Begin:
    • The wait lists will run once per day, most often in the early morning. Eligible waitlisted students will be moved into open seats. See the Wait Lists section below for more information.
  • First Week of Classes:
    • Wait lists do NOT run once classes begin.
    • Both regular and open-enrollment students can enroll themselves in any OPEN class. It is expected that faculty will honor first week enrollments. 
    • All students, including those on the wait list, will need a permission number to enroll in CLOSED classes.
  • Second Week of Classes:
    • Students will need permission numbers to enroll in any/all courses.

NOTE: Open enrollment students can enroll directly in classes during the first week and faculty are expected to honor their enrollment. Regular students have had access since their enrollment appointment months before the semester starts.

Wait Lists

Wait lists are put on class sections when the class is built in PeopleSoft. They can be added or removed at any time with the approval of the department.

Wait lists should always be built with "Auto-Enroll from Wait List" turned on. This feature allows students from the wait list to be pushed into the class when a seat opens up - please be aware the process to push wait listed students into open seats is usually run once per day. If the "Auto Enroll" option is not turned on, when a seat opens up in the class, any student can enroll in it directly, even if there are students on the wait list.

Eligible students on the wait list with "Auto Enroll" turned on, makes the section show as CLOSED in the schedule. However, if the wait list process is run to move students in and there are only non-eligible students on the wait list, those students will NOT be enrolled in the course, they will stay on the wait list. When this happens, if the section now has open seats, the section will show as OPEN even though students are on the wait list.

Wait lists are run once per day from the start of registration through the day before classes begin. An email will be sent to the student’s CSUSM email account notifying them of the enrollment. The last day a student can be added to a waitlist is the day before the first day of the term.

Wait lists are NOT run once classes start. When classes begin, wait listed students will need a permission number to enroll.

Popular question: Why do certain wait listed students not get pushed into the class?

Those students are not eligible and there are a number of possible reasons for that, including:

  • The student is in another section of the same course. Students cannot enroll in 2 sections of the same course.
  • The student is in another class with a conflicting day/time.
  • The student is enrolled in too many units. There are unit limits during certain time periods, first up to 16 units, then up to 19 units. See “Enrollment Limits” dates on the semester page.
  • Does not meet the requisites of the course.
    • The pre/co-requisites listed at the catalog level. See catalog for those requisites:
    • At the schedule level, seats are being held for particular majors/minors or student groups. Check the course note.

Permission Numbers

Permission numbers are only generated for consent required classes the day before continuing student registration begins. When classes begin to fill, permission numbers are generated for no consent required courses, equal to the number of classroom seats minus the class cap.

During the first week of classes students do not need a permission number to enroll in OPEN classes. 

After the first week of classes, permission numbers are generated equal to the number of classroom seats minus the enrollment of the class.

Permission numbers may be requested via the Permission Number Request form. However, permission numbers will NOT be generated by request unless there is space in the classroom assigned, which means students must have dropped the course or be administratively dropped (See Administrative Drop webpage &/or Administrative Drop directions below). Faculty may submit a room change request if a larger classroom is needed, this should be done prior to submitting this permission number request form.

Popular question: What do permission numbers work for?

  • Permission numbers will override class cap, class has CLOSED status (see CLOSED Status section below), reserved seats, and consent required.

Popular question: What do permission numbers NOT work for?

  • Permission numbers will NOT override pre/co-requisites nor career restrictions.

Administrative Drop 

Faculty have the option of dropping students who do not attend the first day of class. For an Administrative Course Drop to occur, instructors must send the request to the Office of the Registrar. Faculty wishing to exercise the Administrative Course Drop option should:

  • Email from your University Email account and send to the administrative drop request.
  • Specify in the subject line: Administrative Course Drop and Course Title
    • Example – Administrative Course Drop - THE STDT, UNIV, COMMUNITY
  • In the body of the email include subject/catalog number, class number, student name, student ID, and reason for the course drop (Attendance or Enrollment Requirement).
    • Example – GEL 101, 43576, Robert Puma, 999999999, Enrollment Requirement
  • Note: Administrative Course Drop requests received by 5:00pm will be processed by 12:00pm the next day during the add/drop period.

OPEN/CLOSED Class Status

OPEN Status

  • Appears when there are available open seats and no one on the wait list.
  • Appears when there are available open seats and the wait list is only populated with students who are ineligible to take the class (see Popular question: Why do certain wait listed students not get pushed into the class? in the above Wait Lists section)
  • Updates automatically based on available open seats, even once classes begin.
  • Means students can enroll without a permission number.


  • Appears when the class capacity has been reached (e.g. the class is fully enrolled).
  • Appears when a student gets on the wait list, unless that student is currently ineligible to enroll, such as when seats are being reserved for particular major(s)/minor(s) or student group(s) in that class.
  • Appears when there are eligible students on the wait list.
  • Appears when a class is TENTATIVE, which means no one can enroll in the class.
  • Means students can enroll with a permission number, when a class is ACTIVE. Assuming the student has met the requirements of the Course Catalog, such as pre-requisites.