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Finals Change by Faculty Request Form

Before filling out this form, please check the Final Exam Schedule for final exam guidelines.

Final examination times may not be changed unless approved by the Dean of the College under which the course is taught. If you are requesting a time change, please copy and paste the email approval from your Dean’s Office in the comments box. This form is to ONLY be filled out by Academic Coordinators, Faculty, or Department Chairs (This is NOT a student form) and is ONLY for classroom needs during Finals Week. Please fill in the following information & click "submit." All areas marked with a red asterisk (*) are REQUIRED.

Notice for Fall 2020:

  • Synchronous courses can have the specific 2 hour final date and time associated with the meeting pattern (if more 2 hours or longer) that the class is being taught. The final exam is NOT the same day/time as the regular class.
  • Asynchronous classes can have a final time range for completing a test final between 12-24 hours, to allow for flexibility that is a necessity for asynchronous classes.
  • Additional explanation of Synchronous/Asynchronous final exams in Fall 2020 is available at the bottom of this page.
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Additional Explanation for Synchronous/Asynchronous final exams in Fall 2020.
Finals are already in PeopleSoft; however, a final date/time is only assigned if the class has a meeting pattern (this is not a change). Therefore, asynchronous classes do not have a final date/time listed. Synchronous classes do have a final date/time, though without a room (i.e. Facility ID) attached.

Synchronous classes (with set class day/time) should have a finals time; if not, the faculty should fill out THIS FORM. The assigned final time will be the two hour final that is associated with the regular class meeting time, but it is NOT the regular meeting time. The biggest piece of the final schedule is making sure students do not have conflicts, as the final schedule gives 2 hours and one date to each class.

If a multi-component class does not have a final for the synchronous portion/section, due to the class also having an asynchronous portion, please have the faculty fill out THIS FORM and we will get it assigned. It will be according to the final time associated with the synchronous portion. Multi-component means lecture and lab (or second lecture or activity) – more than one section (each with their own class & section number) that makes up a class.

For a completely asynchronous class, a final time can be assigned. However, it will need to be non-time specific, as a 2 hour window will not work. However, if they would like a 12-24 hour time period listed for the final, if it is date specific, we can do that as well. Please fill out THIS FORM.