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Provost's Space Advisory Committee (PSAG)

The PSAG has been established by Academic Affairs in response to the current University Space Policy and will serve as an advisory committee to the Provost. The purpose of the committee is to

  • review and make recommendations regarding all space requests submitted by members of Academic Affairs for space not currently designated for a Unit in Academic Affairs.
  • review of and comment on space requests submitted by other Divisions within the University.
  • review and make recommendations on the reassignment of space within space already designated for a school, college or administrative unit within Academic Affairs (subject to exceptions set forth in the University Space Allocation Policy).
  • facilitate planning for new programs in Academic Affairs and growth of existing programs. 

The Provost's Advisory Space Advisory Group will meet at least once a semester and more frequently if necessary.

Committee's Charge

Academic Affair's Provost's Space Advisory Group