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Hospitality Expenses Policy and Procedures



  • CSUSM Hospitality Form, Guideline and After-The-Fact submission (1/2018/kr)
  • Reminders:
    • Product requests require an estimate and itemized list
    • Include agenda or flyer of event
    • Include catering estimate
    • Include guest list that states if they are official guests or employees
    • For Provost signature, include correct email and "Graham Oberem" on signature line
    • Please allow 10 days for processing, if late include signed After-The-Fact Submission form
    • Attach Alcohol Approval form if event includes alcohol.
Maximum Per-Person rates for Hospitality Meals and Light Refreshments 
 Meal Type *Maximum Per Person
Breakfast $25.00
Lunch $50.00
Dinner $75.00
Light Refreshments $60.00
* The maximum per person calculation is created by dividing the total amount charged for food, beverage, tax, gratuity and service charge by the total number of actual attendees.