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Travel Information and Forms


SUBMISSION DEADLINES to the Provost Office

  • Domestic: 20 BUSINESS days prior to start date of travel.
  • International: 40 CALENDAR days prior to start date of travel to countries with no high hazard warnings, 60 CALENDAR days prior to start date for travel to countries with high hazard warnings.
  • Travel Pre-payments: Registration and travel costs should only be purchased and recorded in the current fiscal year (before June 30) for travel that will occur after July 1, when the following criteria are met:
    • Registration is required prior to June 30
    • There is an "early-bird" registration discount that is due before June 30
    • The travel includes air and hotel travel to take place in July (exception may be international travel depending on time of travel).  As much as possible, expense FY funds in the FY received.

CSUSM TRAVEL GUIDELINES It is the responsibility of the traveler/submitter to follow the travel guidelines. The University discourages incurring any travel related expenses prior to final approval of travel (this will result in no-reimbursement if the authorization request is not approved).

  • C-Corp external grant travel:  Shaun Icasiano in OGSR is available to help complete travel requests and expense claims, contact him at
  • Split Funding:  If using Stateside and C-CORP funding, do not split costs in categories on the forms, i.e. enter all meals or lodging on one or the other, etc. entering only the items you will submit a claim for through Stateside or C-Corp.  You will submit a copy of the signed Stateside authorization with the documents for the C-Corp authorization in Adobe to confirm which items will be funded by each one.
  • Split Funding:  If using Stateside and FOUNDATION funding, SUBMIT ONE TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION with both chartfields.  When you submit the CLAIM, you will do TWO CLAIMS, one for Foundation and one for Stateside with just the expenses for that claim on one or the other.
  • Provost Signature not needed if travel is $500 or under, in or out of state, northern or southern CA, stops at the DEAN.  
  • All students who are employed with CSUSM are treated like staff for travel purposes.
  • Students who are not employed with CSUSM, interview candidates, and special consultants do not need a Travel Authorization Form.

Travel Authorization CHECKLIST (revised 02/03/2020):


  1. Stateside Travel Authorization through ADOBE OR CSUSM Corporation Travel Request 
  2. STATESIDE/FOUNDATION LATE travel authorization submissions, include memo explaining why - Include when submitted outside normal processing time above **rare and unusual circumstances only**
    Please contact C-Corp directly to request their After-the-Fact Memo Template at
  3. Include delegation authority approval memo if Dean is not signing.
  4. Official event information (agenda and dates must be included) or other evidence supporting the legitimate business purpose.


  • State Department Travel Warnings - Enter country(ies) in Learn about your destination. Print risk level information.
  • High Hazard/War Risk list - Write on the printout if country is or is not on the list, include ALL countries traveling to.
  • Safe Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) - Submit a screen shot confirming enrollment and include email confirmation.
  • Foreign Travel Insurance Request
    • Unit MPP is Emergency Contact, use 'On File' for phone.
    • Include all lodging & flight information before submitting, TBD is not acceptable.
    • Complete all information on Question 1 of insurance, US Emergency contact information is required.
    • Dates must match on all documents.
    • If multiple destinations include itinerary with lodging information for each: TRAVEL ITINERARY TEMPLATE
    • Must complete "Additional security measures being taken" on page 3 of insurance request.
    • All dates, destinations, and warnings must be included and match on all forms submitted, including personal travel connected to business travel.
    • CSU International Travel & Requirement to Purchase Insurance Memo (FYI only)

Non-employee STUDENTS ONLY, no travel authorization needed: