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Citation Appeal Form

By submitting this form (mail in or online), you certify that the information given is true and correct.

Citation appeal/administrative review forms must be submitted within 21 calendar days from the date of the parking citation or within 14 days from the date of the notice of delinquent parking violation. Appeals/administrative reviews submitted after these time periods will not be accepted and the penalty amount must be paid with any applicable late fees.  Please submit one form per citation.



It is highly recommended that you submit evidence with your appeal.
If you submit a daily/hourly permit as evidence, a copy of the FRONT and BACK of the permit is required.

Evidence can be submitted the following ways:

Electronically: Attach evidence to an email and email it to: (this is only for evidence do not use for appeal submission - please use online appeal form below)

US Mail: Mail it to CSUSM Parking Adjudication, San Marcos, CA, 92096-0001

Hand Deliver: Bring it in to our office located at (PSB 63).

Verification of receipt is highly recommended.

The appeal process may take up to 4 weeks to complete. You will receive the results via U.S. Mail at the address you provide.  If you do not receive a Administrative Review Determination letter after 4 weeks, please call (760) 750-7505.

Parking Adjudication is not responsible for US mail lost or deemed undeliverable.

Please Note: If you accept the responsibility of appealing a citation on behalf of someone else, you are responsible for notifying that person of the appeal determination.

Print and Mail In Appeal

Printable PDF version of: Citation Appeal Form

Please print a copy of the Citation Appeal Form (PDF) and mail completed form to:

Parking and Commuter Services
Atten: Adjudication Department
San Marcos CA 92096-0001

Note: You must submit an appeal form for each citation. Multiple citations cannot be appealed on one form. 

Online Appeal Form

Please ensure that you fill out the form completely and within the specified time limits. 

By submitting this form (online), you certify that the information given is true and correct.

Fill out my online form.