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PASO Scholar Story

My name is Alejandra Martinez. I am a Latina and a first generation college student coming from out of the area. As a first generation college student I was unaware of what to expect in college and I began to second guess my decision of leaving home. I thought about the financial issues that I would be putting my parents through and I also began to think about how un-oriented I would be on my own here. My parents did not make it far enough to get a college education, so this transition was new to us. It was all a new learning process in which we were both very excited and scared at the same time. I was afraid that I would be putting a weight on my parents with the expenses that would come out of my first year of college if I did not succeed.

Fortunately, I was enrolled in the PASO sponsored courses that fulfilled the general education requirements. These courses made my transition from High School to college much easier and I became more informed about some of the expectations that I would need in my college career. These classes became an environment where we shared some of the same struggles and supported one another. The staff provided us with information and guided us through our first year. As a PASO scholar I was given the resources that allowed me to succeed in my first year of college. Not only did the PASO sponsored courses help me through this transition, but the program itself gave me a feeling of belonging on campus. 

Now as a PASO ambassador I want to be able to provide current PASO scholars the feeling of belonging on campus and have them feel as the PASO Office is their safe haven. Just like I was made aware of all the resources and opportunities on campus I want to be able to provide them with the same opportunities. I have gone through the same struggles that first year student’s face which is why I want to be able to make their transition as easy as the one that I experienced. 


Alejandra  Martinez