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Work Schedules

The State pay period contains either 21 or 22 normal workdays. Under this plan, normal workdays are Monday through Friday, including holidays. Non-exempt CSU employees paid through the State payroll system on a monthly basis generate the same monthly salary based upon time base fraction and base salary even if the employee’s regular work schedule has more or less hours than the prescribed 21 or 22 workdays (168 or 176 hours respectively) within a given State pay period.

Employee work schedules for all staff and MPP employees are required to be maintained in the Absence Management System. These schedules are necessary for the accurate processing of employee pay, and ensure accurate accruals and calculations for leave use, holidays, alternate days off and plus-minus. Employee work schedules must be entered and maintained in the Absence Management System for both exempt and non-exempt staff.

Submit a completed Work Schedule Form to Human Resources for all new employees and any work schedule change.
*This form will need to be routed to your assigned HR Analyst and assigned Payroll Technician

Sample Work Schedule Form 

  • Alternate Work Schedules are any schedules that deviate from the Standard 8 hour, Monday-Friday schedules.
  • Holidays:  If an employee works an alternate or compressed work schedule and the holiday is observed on a non-work day, the employee is entitled an Alternate Day off (ADO) or Holiday Credit (HC).  Instructions on how to report an ADO.
Work Schedules by Bargaining Agreement
Collective Bargaining Agreement Holiday Expiration Period
C99-Confidential Alternate Day Off (ADO) 90 days
Units 2,5,7 and 9-CSUEU Alternate Day Off (ADO) 180 days
Unit 4-APC Alternate Day Off (ADO) 90 days
Unit 6-SETC Alternate Day Off (ADO) 90 days
Unit 8-SUPA Holiday Credit (HC) 365 days