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Summer Bridge Student Employees

Summer Bridge student employees are those who work on campus during the summer and are not enrolled in courses at the university or do not meet the minimum enrollment requirements of 6 undergraduate units or 4 graduate units.  They are able to work up to 40 hours per week, but are not eligible for overtime pay.  In order to work during the summer as a Summer Bridge student, the student must be enrolled at CSUSM in the prior Spring semester and enroll at least half-time at CSUSM in the following Fall semester. 

Mandatory Payroll Deductions

Summer Bridge student employees are enrolled into an alternate retirement plan known as the "Part-Time, Seasonal & Temporary Employees (PST)" retirement program.  This results in a retirement deduction of 7.5% from gross wages, as well as a Medicare tax deduction of 1.45% from gross wages. 

Please note that refunds of retirement deductions cannot be made until an employee is separated from all State of California employment.  Information regarding refunds of retirement contributions can be obtained by contacting Human Resources at (760) 750-4418.