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State Fire Marshall Standards

The goal of the State Fire Marshall is to maintain fire and life-safety. View the list of items that the State Fire Marshall inspects on our campus. Every campus community member should inspect their premises and ensure that it is in compliance.  Below are some requirements that the campus must comply with.

  • The State Fire Marshall (SFM) performs annual inspections and tri/annual inspections depending on building use.  Hazmat storage, Science bldgs, children centers and Public Services will require annual inspection, all other academic buildings will require tri/annual inspection coordinated through the campus Inspector of Record (IOR).
  • The IOR will maintain a calendar with inspection dates and coordinate with required staff before inspection, Facility Services will supply IOR with documentation of all fire systems testing records for review by SFM.
  • All remodels will require SFM approval no matter how insignificant in size; if it has a door and a wall, it will need approval and inspection if required.
  • Any type of redesign to existing open flame equipment protected by Ansul/Halon/ or another form of fire suppression equipment requires inspection, purchase of new equipment with the potential for explosion or flame spread requires Special Separate Inspection by the SFM.  Planning, Design and Construction or Facility Services will be involved to document work and notify the SFM of modification for approval prior to installation.
  • Special events should be coordinated through the campus IOR with SFM approval on larger events.
  • Trash/Recycle containers should not be kept in any fire rated corridors.
  • Lab inspections for chemical storage, PPE and knowledge of individuals using space (proper training).
  • 25% of wall coverage on any rated corridor by posters, flammable objects is not allowed.
  • Door stops to hold open on corridors is not allowed; Facility Services can modify the door with an approved hold open.