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Hello, Applied Physics Alumni!

First off, feel free to drop by and let us know what great things are going on for you!  We love it when former students brag about what they've accomplished!

This page is to honor you Applied Physics majors and minors who worked so hard to get through the program. After all the late nights working in the Optics Room and drinking energy drinks on the bench outside of SCI2, we hope that your experiences with us have been meaningful.

Send Dr. T an email to be added to the alumni listserv at Physmail, and keep us posted on your current whereabouts for this page!

  • A. Parker (Applied Physics 2009), Northrop Grumman
  • M. Phair (Applied Electronics and Computer Science 2009), Off Camber Data
  • D. Defoor, Ph.D. (Applied Physics 2010), University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
  • C. Czarnocki (Applied Physics 2010), UC Merced Physics Graduate Program
  • T. Hall (Applied Physics and Mathematics 2010), ViaSat
  • A. "L.T." Vaitulevicius (Applied Physics 2010), Quantum Design
  • T. DaPron (Applied Physics 2011), Quantum Design
  • J. Rodio (Applied Physics and Business 2011), DPFG, Inc.
  • K. Dean (Applied Physics 2011), Decision Sciences Corporation
  • D. Dorroh (Applied Physics 2012), Decision Sciences Corporation
  • M. Lopez (Applied Physics 2012), nLIGHT
  • P. Heft (Applied Physics 2012), US Navy
  • T. Long-Anastasia (Applied Physics 2012), The Branch
  • A. Mulhall (Applied Physics 2012), Genentech
  • C. Salvo (Applied Physics 2012), UC Riverside Physics Graduate Program
  • R. Colio (Appled Electronics 2012), General Atomics
  • D. Goodbody (Applied Physics 2013), Illumina
  • A. Jensen (Applied Physics 2013), San Diego EMS-Rural/Metro of San Diego and San Diego Fire-Rescue Department
  • L. Saucedo (Applied Physics 2013), Quantum Design
  • D. Wilson (Applied Physics 2013), Postbac studies at Portland State University
  • M. Echeverria (Applied Electronics 2013), Quasar Federal Systems
  • K. Czarnocki (Applied Physics 2014)
  • D. Difabio (Applied Physics 2014)
  • S.C. Keene (Applied Electronics 2014)
  • C.J. Millward (Applied Electronics 2014), Quasar Federal Systems
  • G. Simmons (Applied Physics 2014), University of Colorado Boulder Physics Graduate Program
  • L. Magallon (Applied Electronics 2014), Interface Display and Controls, Inc.
  • P. Ackermann (Applied Physics 2014), Les Ateliers
  • E. Bagdy (Applied Physics 2015), General Atomics
  • M. Bartolo (Applied Electronics 2015), UC Merced Physics Graduate Program
  • E. Bautista (Applied Electronics 2015), Cal State San Marcos SR&S Department
  • H. Ceja (Applied Physics 2015), Eotron
  • F.M. Chimely (Applied Electronics 2015)
  • R. Decker (Applied Physics 2015)
  • J. Gormally (Applied Physics 2015), NKI Engineering
  • J. Hamilton (Applied Physics 2015), Quantum Design
  • B. Jester (Applied Physics 2015),
  • J. Lopez Cervera (Applied Physics 2015), UC San Diego NanoEngineering Graduate Program
  • A. McNary (Applied Physics 2015), Quantum Design
  • D. Nguyen (Applied Electronics 2015), Eotron
  • J. Pont (Applied Physics 2015), San Francisco State University Physics Graduate Program
  • F.M. Ramos (Applied Electronics 2015), Cal Poly Pomona M.S. in Civil Engineering Program
  • N. Reynolds (Applied Physics 2015), CSUSM Teaching Credential Program
  • E. Segovia (Applied Physics 2015), US Navy
  • R. Selznick (Applied Electronics 2015)
  • J. Shamoun (Applied Physics 2015)
  • K. Tomitaka (Applied Electronics 2015), Northrop Grumman
  • S. Wang (Applied Physics 2015), San Diego State M.S. in Physics Program
  • J. Wilkins (Applied Physics 2015), US Marine Corps
  • J. Winterhouse (Applied Physics 2015)
  • C. Wojtowicz (Applied Physics 2015), Lockheed Martin Space Systems
  • E. Benitez (Applied Physics 2016), Boeing
  • C. Boyer (Applied Physics 2016), Northrop Grumman
  • A. Carratti (Applied Physics 2016), Cymer
  • C. Cooley (Applied Physics 2016), General Atomics
  • M. Pianowski (Applied Electronics 2016), SPAWAR
  • T. Jarrett (Applied Electronics 2017), General Atomics
  • Y. Rodea (Applied Electronics 2017), Interface Display and Controls, Inc.


  • N. McMahon (Computer Science 2004), General Atomics
  • N. Ruoff (Computer Science 2007), Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • M. Egan (Chemistry 2010), Agilent Technologies
  • J. Noguez (Mathematics 2010), Lecturer, California State University San Marcos
  • K. McDonald (Mathematics 2011), EDF Renewable Energy
  • M. Flood (Computer Science 2012), General Atomics


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