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Citizen Complaint

Filing a Complaint with the Campus Police

Any citizen who is dissatisfied with university police services or believes they have witnessed or been a victim of police misconduct can file a complaint:

  • In person at the department located in the Police Services Building at 425 La Moree Rd.
  • By telephone at (760)750-4567 

In order to best respond to any complaint, it is necessary that adequate information be provided.  It is requested that a complaint form be completed and submitted.  This will permit a thorough and complete evaluation of the complaint and permit the department to respond appropriately. The form can be downloaded here: Complaint Form. The form is available at the Police Department (425 La Moree Road, San Marocs CA).  It can also be obtained at the President's office (Craven Hall 5302), the Dean of Students office (University Student Union 3500) and the Vice President Finance and Administrative Services' office (Craven Hall 5311).