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Access Control To Campus Facilities

Definition: The California State University San Marcos University Police Department is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment, and the protection of all properties and facilities owned, operated, controlled, or administered by the University. Therefore, it is the policy of California State University San Marcos that the University Police Department shall be the designated campus office responsible for controlling access to all university facilities. In conjunction with Facility Services´ Lock Shop, which manufactures, issues and manages the campus key and card access systems, the University Police shall establish procedures for authorizing and distributing the use of campus keys and access cards. Such procedures will be developed to meet legal requirements and established standards for safety and security. All keys or access cards issued by the campus remain the property of CSU San Marcos and the State of California. Prior to separation from university employment, or any other activity for which key or card access is granted, all such items must be returned in compliance with campus procedures.
Authority: Educational Code 89560 and the President of the University.
Scope: This policy and related procedures apply to all members of the campus community.
Responsible Division: Finance & Administrative Services
Approval Date: 04/24/2000
Originally Implemented: 04/12/2000
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