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Add/Drop & Withdrawal

Definition: This policy governs the add/drop policy on or after the first day of instruction but prior to the published deadline.
Authority: Executive Order 792 (Grading Symbols, Assignment of Grades, and Grade Appeals)
Scope: The enrollment of new and continuing students at CSU San Marcos.
Responsible Division: Academic Affairs
Approval Date: 09/30/2008
Originally Implemented: 04/08/1992
Signature Page/PDF: View Signatures for Add/Drop & Withdrawal Policy


California State University San Marcos requires instructor permission for adds beginning with the first day of instruction. Currently, students are required to complete a form, secure instructor permission, and hand deliver to Cougar Central for processing prior to the last day of the add/drop period. To become more efficient in delivering timely service to students, instructors will be provided permission numbers for students to enroll online. The student self service system will enforce prerequisites, and therefore, an add form will be used for students who receive permission to enroll along with approval to override course restrictions and prerequisites.


A. Adds

  1. Beginning with the first day of instruction, student must secure a permission number from their instructor.
  2. Cougar Central will work with students in reconciling enrollment issues, and enroll students with permission numbers if they have instructor approval for overriding prerequisites and restrictions.

B. Drops

  1. Student may use the on-line registration system to drop courses through the end of the add/drop deadline which will immediately make available space in the course.
  2. Course is completely removed from students' record.
  3. Student dropping all courses will result in no enrollment for the term.

C. Beyond the Published Add/Drop Deadline

  1. Student may petition for late enrollment where approval is required of the instructor and the Dean's office.
  2. The petition for late enrollment is available on the Registration and Records website or at Cougar Central.
  3. Adds beyond the University census date are normally not considered.
  4. Student wishing to drop courses beyond the published deadline must comply with the Withdrawal Policy.


Information will be updated, as follows:

  • the Curriculum and Scheduling Office will publish in the General Catalog and Class Schedule updated Add/Drop procedures;
  • the CSUSM Enrollment Management Registration and Records website will be updated.