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Animals On Campus

Definition: It is the policy of California State University San Marcos to provide a safe environment for all students, employees, visitors, and guests by establishing and enforcing regulations for animals on campus.
Authority: The President of CSU San Marcos
Scope: This policy and any related procedures apply to all areas and members of the campus community, and individuals using the campus grounds or buildings, including leased properties.
Responsible Division: Finance & Administrative Services
Approval Date: 12/04/2009
Originally Implemented: 05/17/1999
Signature Page/PDF: View Signatures for Animals On Campus Policy


Any animal directly serving legally defined disabled or handicapped person(s) is EXEMPT from the provisions of this policy.

  1. No person shall bring an animal onto the university campus unless:
    • The animal is secured to a leash no more than six (6) feet in length and in the hand of a person at all times, or
    • The animal is securely confined in a vehicle or container so as to prevent reaching beyond the exterior limits of the vehicle or container. Any vehicle or container which does not enclose the animal on all sides does not meet the requirements of this policy.
    • The animal, when required, has a current license displayed.
  2. No person shall bring an animal inside any university-controlled buildings, except for those animals that are exempt from this policy.
  3. No person shall harbor, maintain, or sustain any animal or bird in any building, vehicle, or other area of the CSU San Marcos campus. Animals used exclusively for instructional purposes are exempt from this policy when adequate quarters are provided.
  4. No person shall tie, tether, or secure any animal, whether attended or unattended, licensed or unlicensed, to any object other than within a vehicle or container that complies with this policy, at any time, on the CSU San Marcos campus.