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Building Permits

Definition: The California State University is responsible for the enforcement of building codes on university property as approved by the California Building Commission (CBC). Each campus is under the direct administrative and operational control of a Building Official in the system wide office. A Deputy Building Official has been identified on each CSU Campus. At California State University San Marcos, the Deputy Building Official responsibilities are assigned to the Associate Vice President, Facilities Development & Management. Acting on behalf of the Trustees, and under the authority of the Chancellor and the President, the Deputy Building Official develops and enforces the campus' building permit process. No building or structure shall be erected, constructed, enlarged, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted, or demolished without a building permit, unless determined to be exempt by the Deputy Building Official.
Authority: California Health and Safety Code, Sections 13143, 18901-18949.6; California Code of Regulations, Title 24 (California Building Standards Code); California Code of Regulations, Title 19 (Public Safety Code), Section 3.28 (b); Government Code, Section 4450 et.seq; CSU Executive Order 847 issued pursuant to authority granted by Education Code Sections 89030, 89030.1, and 89031; Standing Orders of the CSU Board of Trustees; State University Administrative Manual
Scope: This policy and any related procedures apply to all areas and members of the campus community, including all contractors/agents who do business with the university.
Responsible Division: Finance & Administrative Services
Approval Date: 08/18/2010
Originally Implemented: 06/15/2010
Signature Page/PDF: View Building Permits Policy