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Childcare Services Fee

Definition: Effective November 30, 2004, California State University San Marcos was authorized to establish a Category I, Childcare Services Fee paid by students enrolled in state-supported terms and through special session. The fee was created to support operations of the Early Learning Center or the successor Center for Children and Families to be launched in 2007 (both entities to be known in this policy and procedures document as "the childcare center"). The administration of this fee is the responsibility of the vice president for student affairs, or designee, in conjunction with the childcare center, and CSUSM Corporation. The procedures define appropriate expenditures, establish signature authority and budget management, and set deadlines and responsibilities for the development of the annual budget, to be submitted for final approval by the president.
Authority: Office of the Chancellor Executive Order Number 924, Childcare Services Fee.
Scope: This policy and any related procedures apply to the campus offices administering the Childcare Services Fee, the childcare center, the University Auxiliary and Research Services Corporation, and the San Marcos University Corporation.
Responsible Division: Student Affairs
Approval Date: 09/30/2009
Originally Implemented: 10/26/2006
Signature Page/PDF: View Childcare Services Fee Policy



The vice president for student affairs, or designee, has signature authority and responsibility for oversight of the Childcare Services fee revenues. Budget management for the Childcare Services Fee will be the responsibility of Student Affairs.


Expenditures that may be paid from the funds include reimbursement of salaries, center operating expenses, field trips, scholarships, and other expenses related to child care center operations and mission.


Each spring by no later than April 1, the annual budget proposal for fee-based revenues and expenditures will be developed by the childcare center and Executive Director of the CSUSM Corporation, and submitted for approval by the vice president for student affairs, or designee. By May 1 the vice president for student affairs, or designee, will forward the proposed budget to the president for final approval. Once approved by the president, the fee-based budget will be forwarded by the Executive Director of CSUSM Corporation as an information item to the San Marcos University Corporation.