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Communications and Marketing

Definition: This policy governs communications and marketing materials on the campus.
Authority: The President
Scope: This policy applies to all academic programs, administrative units, and auxiliaries. The involvement of units affiliated with the University that are funded by external or private sources will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but will be modeled on that of auxiliaries.
Responsible Division: University Advancement
Approval Date: 10/12/2001
Originally Implemented: 09/24/2001
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In the interest of effectively coordinating the University's efforts at identity and branding, it is necessary to guide units in the implementation of the campus communications and marketing program. This policy assigns responsibility for management of the campus communications and marketing program to the Office of Communications, a part of the Division of External Affairs. Content and format of the campus web pages at the highest levels are included in this program.


Periodically the Office of Communications shall produce a marketing and communications plan that shall guide campus offices in the messages to be disseminated about the campus and the vehicles recommended for dissemination. Such vehicles may include, but not be limited to, newsletters, posters, brochures, pamphlets, direct mailings, advertising and other means directed to external audiences. As the marketing program must reach internal audiences to be effective, there will also be some responsibility for disseminating marketing messages to employees and students, in collaboration with other units that have responsibility for those groups.

It is the responsibility of the Director of Communications, in consultation with the Vice President for External Affairs and the President, to administer the campus communications and marketing program. 

Requests for variance from the established guidelines are to be presented to the Director of Communications, who shall consider their merit relative to the needs of the unit, the institution and the long-term goals of the communications and marketing program.

Campus units are directed to conduct all of their relations with the news media under the supervision of the Office of Communications. Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Human Resources in the Foundation shall notify the Director of Communications in advance of any campus offices adding media relations or public information duties to job descriptions and shall forward those proposals for the Director's review.

Campus units are directed to coordinate all contractual arrangements with off-campus advertising, public relations or graphic design firms or individual service providers with the Director of Communications. Procurement shall notify the Director of Communications in advance of any campus offices entering into such agreements and shall forward those proposals for the Director's review.