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Data Governance

Data Governance Policy

Definition: This policy defines the governance model for campus data
Authority: CSUSM President
Scope: This policy applies to data collected or generated by business units in the course of business operations. This policy is intended to be broadly applied in order to ensure the protection of campus data, maximize the benefit of its use to make decisions, and identify opportunities to improve the campus. Examples of campus data included but are not limited to metrics, measurements, logs, demographic information, identify information, performance and assessment information, records of professional, academic or co-curricular activiities, etc. Specific examples of this include community engagement information, student academic records, and campus directory information. Data collected by faculty and students in the course of research and creative activities is exempt from this policy
Responsible Division: Academic Affairs
Approval Date: 05/09/2018
Originally Implemented: 05/09/2018
 Signature Page/PDF: View Data Governance Policy